Hi! Welcome to my blog! You are invited to peek at all the ramblings about my art work and the mixed media that is involved. Oh, and there will be photos. Lots and lots of photos!! Of successes, failures, processes, as well as inspirations. Of course, your comments and questions are highly regarded!!

Bowl Base Basics

Up until the past several years, my handmade paper bowls were baseless, so to speak. Such as this piece: Unless, or course, the bowl form structurally needed a base or ‘feet’, (for instance, having a rounded bottom). Then something would have to be engineered so that it could ‘stand on its own’. This was the fun part! […]

A Favorite Supply Source

I love going to New York City.  So much to see, so much to do, and so many places to buy art supplies. Canal Rubber and Canal Plastics on Canal Street (obviously!) fulfill this mixed media artist’s dreams for handmade paper bowl embellishments. Even the second floor at Zabar’s has all kinds of forms for […]

New Year, New (Vintage) Palette

A fresh year in my studio means new things to try. New materials to use. And new colors with which to play. Early last year, I cleaned out my half of our tiny crawl space attic and found a piece of fabric from drapes that my mom had made back in the 1950s. It had sat […]

Making Lasting Impressions

Light switch plates are popular ‘bread and butter’ items that are in my repertoire. They are ideal for experimentation and exploration of materials and design techniques that could be possibly used in other ‘more serious’ art work. It has been quite a while since I have designed and created my own stamps for making impressions into polymer clay. This […]

A Simple Project a Week – At Least!!

Pinterest is such a blast. It is not so much addicting for me as it is a great place to store visual bookmarks. I have built a virtual encyclopedia of information and interests. And tutorials. A lot of them simple and easy that could lead to bigger ideas. This year I would like to choose a […]

A Day At The Museum

An artistic treasure is located thirty miles from my home. It is the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  Every time I visit there, I leave promising to myself to get there more frequently. Although I am a paying member, entrance for the public is free. Yes, free. My husband and I enjoy attending ‘special’ shows together. […]

Six Weeks of Crazy!

At the end of April, My husband and I went to the Jazz Festival in New Orleans. He is a native son, and we hadn’t been to the world-renowned event in decades. As an artist, I have ‘done’ the show. And sold out. Of everything. Phenomenal. The art, food, and of course, the music, are still […]

Abigail Adams Pendant: Making Historical Pieces

A few years back, the John Adams television miniseries was being filmed in the area where I live. A metalsmith friend was asked to create jewelry for various scenes. One scene involved John Adams giving his wife, Abigail, a scrimshaw pendant which is housed in the Adams Museum in Massachusetts. Since ivory can no longer […]

This Year’s Palette

Yes indeed, polymer clay does come in tons of colors and shades. But just like tubes of paint, I believe we should be color-mixing to make our work ‘our own’. Every January, I like to choose all the colors that I would like to use for the next twelve months. Browsing through magazines, photographs, Pinterest, paint cards, […]


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