Handmade Paper

All my vessels are made of cotton, abaca, or linen pulp…or a combination of all three. Because these materials are archival, the bowls will not yellow with age. I use aqueous dispersed pigments to color the pulp. As a result, fading is not an issue as it would be if dyes were used to tint the pulp.

The bowls are rather strong when dry. I spray the bowls with acetone sizing, which adds to their strength, before embellishing each one with materials such as polymer clay, leather, fabric, rubber, metal, wood, glass beads, found objects, shells, feathers, and other papers.

Polymer Clay

I first delved into this medium in 1987 when the choice of beads to embellish my bowls was limited. Well did this stuff open up a whole new world!! And an almost cultish following as well! Jewelry, containers, and platters became part of my art repertoire.

Processes in my work in polymer clay include cane making, lamination, color inclusions using paints, pigments, inks, and pencils. Other techniques are silkscreening, surface texturing, and mold making. This material should come with the warning that it is highly addictive. Especially for me, as it successfully solves my intense color needs!

Metal Clay

This medium is exactly what the two words say, metal that is in clay form.  Once a piece is made, it is then fired in a kiln or by a torch, and becomes a dense metal.
I work with silver, bronze, and copper clays.

My challenge and goal in working with metal clay is to translate my style that I have developed with paper and polymer clay into a material that has a quite different presence. What is most fun for me is when I include all of the materials together. Stones, fresh water pearls, polymer clay, cotton, leather, sterling silver, glass beads, copper, etc. are some of the materials used in the creative process. My pieces that are exclusively metal clay, you can count on having tons of texture.
My mind just works that way.

Mixed Media

This work is a collage of media and techniques. This includes wood, panty hose, cardboard, and paint, eggshell, Faux Ivory and wood burning and, oh well, you get the point, …
after all, I am a mixed media artist!

Angie Wiggins

Mixed Media Artist

All rights reserved. 2021


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