Having begun her artistic career as a weaver and fiber artist, Angie Wiggins has an insatiable interest in learning about all kinds of media in the art and fine craft world. After a decade of weaving, her interest turned to paper-making as well as felt-making. She took classes in both, but it was paper-making that won her over. Handmade paper bowls became the canvas onto which Angie embellishes all sorts of media: glass beads, leather, rubber, fabric, reeds, metal, paint, feathers, and wood, to list a few.

After several years, Angie came across polymer clay. It was an ideal material to bring to her media repertoire, allowing her to make her bowls even more ‘her own.’ Angie discovered that polymer clay is also a wonderful medium to make gorgeous, unique jewelry.

Polymer clay, she found, is incredibly durable for functional art, too, like switch plates, platters, bowls, boxes, and wine bottle stoppers.

Precious metal clay appeared on the scene in the mid-1990s. It is metal in clay form, which is then fired in the kiln. Angie found precious metal clay to be a perfect fit to incorporate with both her polymer clay and handmade paper work.

In all the different media in Angie’s art arsenal, her main challenge is to produce work that is uniquely and recognizably hers.

Above all, her main goal is to bring joy to the viewer.

Angie Wiggins

Mixed Media Artist

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