A Favorite Supply Source

I love going to New York City.  So much to see, so much to do, and so many places to buy art supplies. Canal Rubber and Canal Plastics on Canal Street (obviously!) fulfill this mixed media artist’s dreams for handmade paper bowl embellishments. Even the second floor at Zabar’s has all kinds of forms for handmade paper casting, as well as interesting shapes for polymer clay projects.

About twenty years ago, I discovered Tinsel Trading Company. At the time, it was located in the garment district. My husband and I have always made it a habit that on the day we depart NYC and return home, we head toward Penn Station early and check out what is happening close by. And that is how we discovered this gem. It specializes in all kinds of ribbons and buttons, appliqués and papers, threads and tassels, vintage and new, etc. and etc.! fullsizeoutput_2a32

A favorite ribbon I purchased a few years back was this beautiful silky, pleated ric-rac. It was large and dramatic and perfect for my big bowls.

Much to my somewhat panicked dismay, I had depleted my stash. But lo and behold, up pops their post in my Facebook newsfeed a couple of weeks ago! It was a photo of MY RIBBON! An end of the year sale was on. I quickly called and asked if they would ship the sale items. Not only would they, but I would get an even much, much better discount if I bought an entire bolt. I did not hesitate. I ordered bolts of chocolate brown, steel grey, and vanilla white.

My order arrived last week. And they surprised me with a little lagniappe to boot! Thank you muchly, Tinsel Trading Company! fullsizeoutput_2a31

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