Making Lasting Impressions

Light switch plates are popular ‘bread and butter’ items that are in my repertoire. They are ideal for experimentation and exploration of materials and design techniques that could be possibly used in other ‘more serious’ art work.

It has been quite a while since I have designed and created my own stamps for making impressions into polymer clay. This year, I hope to make at least six stamp plates. I plan to use silicone mold material as well as both baked and unbaked polymer clay in creating what is truly my own design palette.

This first stamp design was to get me in the groove, so it was quick and easy. I used a slab of unbaked gold polymer clay. IMG_8043

I gathered as many tools I could think of to start stamping a design into the clay. Then I just wheeled away and started having fun.IMG_8045

It took no time at all to fill up the entire sheet.IMG_8280

What’s cool about this kind of plate is that one section will have an entirely different effect than another. I would term that as being design economical! This thin copper sheet of polymer clay was pressed into the middle section of the stamp.IMG_8282

After applying it to the base clay on the light switch plate, I finished my overall design and cured it in the oven.IMG_8287

Once cured I applied stain to bring out the stamping details and to add a certain depth to the entire piece. IMG_8321

Ta-da! One design plate down, and five more to go!



5 responses to “Making Lasting Impressions”

    • I am so sorry I have not seen your comment until now, Merle. You and I come from the same roots! BFA crafts,concentration:weaving. I have been away from my blog for too long. I will return post haste!

  1. Thank for sharing each step as you went along. Simple and brilliant! So excited to receive an email this morning introducing you and a link to your WP site.
    I am two months old into this wonderful world of polymer clay. Also just as new into blogging on Word Press. I feel fortunate to have access to others, such as yourself, who are so incredibly talented with years of successful experience. I find myself always inspired work showcased on WP, Pinterest and various other site.
    Your site is being saved in my favorites and within easy access. Again thank you for sharing your amazing work….Rachel

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