Summer’s Just Flyin’ By!

Time flies when you’re having fun! This summer has been so full of extra-curricular events, I have almost forgotten where my studio is. (It is directly behind our house). So in anticipation of an autumn and winter chock full of shows, I’ve had to play catch-up the past couple of weeks. While working on some metal clay rings, I have also completed a couple of dozen light switch plates.

But I’m most excited about the present batch of handmade paper bowls that will be getting my creative attention the next few weeks – while I am also working on polymer clay platters and more switch plates. After I cast my bowls and they have dried, I brush a sizing on them. Sizing is what gives the paper surface strength and stability and makes the paper smooth and almost water repellent. Sizing is also added to the pulp during the papermaking process, and thus is called ‘internal sizing’. Here’s the batch of bowls presently drying on my back porch:IMG_3333

Some of you have inquired about which papermaking books I would recommend. Well since I had the camera in hand, I just grabbed up some of my favorites and laid them out and snapped a couple of photos. I am sure they are all still in publication.



A funny sizing story I just discovered. Methyl cellulose is my sizing of choice. It is a rather thick, viscous liquid…..and it ‘starred’ as the slime in ‘Ghostbusters’!!

One response to “Summer’s Just Flyin’ By!”

  1. Love the use and lay of colors in all your bowls. I’m a proud owner of a deep blue one, and it’s always a conversation piece at our home. Thank you so much for placing such passion in you pieces that drip with hundreds of details. Love it.

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