Rings, Rings, and More Rings!!

This week was spent in the studio working with sterling silver PMC and PMC Pro. For the unfamiliar, these are metals that come in clay form, and thus are referred to as metal clay. Gold, bronze, and copper also come in metal clay form. Once a piece of jewelry or art work is made, it is then fired in a kiln. Sterling silver PMC is of course .925 fine silver. PMC Pro is .900 fine silver and is super strong. Usually the other metal in each is copper. The added metal gives extra strength, since fine silver (.999) is rather soft. This is the first time I have worked with both of these materials. Presently, the kiln is firing a load of PMC Pro rings. Different metals require different firing requirements. In the photo below, the two rings in the foreground are sterling silver. The three in the back are PMC Pro.


Next week’s agenda: copper and bronze clays!!

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