A Change is A-Brewing

An invitation went out to artists where I live. We were asked to make pieces for a teapot show. Well, I have been collecting old teapots from thrift shops with the intention of ‘upcycling’, or as my husband calls it, ‘angiefying’ them. They have been collecting dust for years. And right now, they still are. But I hope not for long! This challenge brought something out of me that I had not expected: use my handmade paper bowls to construct the teapot shape. And what fun it was! Having to figure out spout and handle issues led me to materials that had been only used for decorative purposes. Now they were used for structural support. Needless to say, I had a ton of fun with this piece. I expect more teapots in my artistic future! IMG_5337IMG_5338

6 responses to “A Change is A-Brewing”

  1. Your work always shows such imagination and it gives me a bright spot in an otherwise dull day! Thank you for sharing your talents!

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